Saima Aman, Ph.D.

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Selected Publications

Ph.D. dissertation [Thesis, Slides], USC, 2016.

Holistic Measures for Evaluating Prediction Models in Smart Grids, [pdf], IEEE TKDE 2015.

Influence-driven Model for Time Series Prediction from Partial Observations, [pdf], AAAI 2015.

Prediction Models for Dynamic Demand Response: Requirements, Challenges, and Insights, [pdf], IEEE SmartGridComm 2015.

Energy Management Systems: State of the Art and Emerging Trends, [pdf], IEEE Communications 2013.

Using Roget's Thesaurus for Fine-grained Emotion Recognition, [pdf], IJCNLP 2008.

Identifying Expressions of Emotion in Text, [pdf], TSD, LNCS, 2007.

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Emotion-Annotated Dataset

This dataset is available for academic research. Please email your request for the dataset to Prof. Szpakowicz at (and cc me at

  • Please use your official email address for correspondence. Also CC your supervisor, if you are a student.
  • Please mention the name and location of your institution.
  • Please provide a brief description of how you plan to use this dataset.
  • Please include an assurance that you will not share the dataset with anyone, and if you publish your work, you will cite our IJCNLP 2008 and TSD 2007 papers.
  • Please ask your supervisor to provide a similar assurance that s/he will not share the dataset with anyone, and will cite our work in any publications resulting from the use of this dataset. Should anyone ask for this dataset, please direct them to us.